Frequently Asked Questions

How many people will the Estudio Pacifico sleep?

The maximum allowed number of guests in the Estudio Pacifico is 5.

What are the check-in and check-out times?

Check-in is 3:00 PM (Central Time)

Check-out is 12:00 PM (Central Time)

How many people will the Casa Bonita sleep?

The maximum allowed number of guests is 4.  Casa Bonita can be rented separately for two guests.

What do we need to bring with us?

All bedding, towels, beach towels, and bottled water are provided.  Groceries will not be provided. Please arrange to food shop for your meals or alcoholic beverages.

What kitchen facilities are available?

The Casa Bonita has a fully equipped kitchen and utensils.

The Estudio Pacifico has an efficiency kitchen with a Mr. Coffee and place settings for 4 guests.

Where is the nearest grocery store?

The nearest store for staples is in Majahau about 1/2 mile.

In Troncones there are several small stores that offer vegetables and staples.

In Zih there are several big stores for big time grocery shopping.

Is there a TV and DVD available?

Yes, we have a “Sky” TV and a DVD player.

Do you have internet connection?

Yes, we have a DSL modem and Wi-Fi to connect your laptop.

Eden’s and Manzanillo Bay have wireless connection.  Manzanillo Bay also offers a computer that can be used by the public. There is a per minute usage fee.

Should I exchange dollars for pesos?

Yes, it is recommended to exchange dollars for pesos at the airport ATM machines.  They have the best daily rates. All merchants will take USD but the exchange will vary per merchant.

Are there laundry facilities available?

Yes, there are facilities in Troncones and they do a great job!

How often are the bed linens changed?

Linens are changed twice during the week.

Is the water safe to drink from the facet?

We recommend bottled water for drinking and brushing teeth.  We have made a major investment in water purification and filtration system but we still recommend bottled water.

Do we need a car when staying at Yoga del Pacifico?

Yes, if you plan to do a lot of travel in the area, such as traveling to Zih a couple of times.

No, if you are planning on staying in the local area.  Taxis in Troncones are relatively inexpensive.  A round trip to Zih may cost about $45.00.  We recommend to always ask the taxi driver the cost before you leave!

Where are the closest medical facilities?

The closest doctors are in Troncones about 10 minutes at the Troncones Medical Clinic.  The closest hospital is in Zih, about a 35 mile drive.

Is there cell phone reception?

The cell reception is not very strong at Yoga del Pacifico but at the beach it is much stronger.  It is also very good one mile south.  We are behind the mountain.

Is smoking allowed?

No, smoking in the structures.

Smoking is allowed outside.  Please do not leave cigarette buts on the property or the beach.

Are pets allowed?

No pets allowed.

There are plenty of local animals that will keep you entertained!