About Us

We first came to Troncones and Manzanillo Bay in 1997. We had a wonderful stay at Hacienda Eden and enjoyed the delicious cuisine by the chef at Cocina Del Sol. We fell in love with the beauty and tranquility of the area. Before the week was over we had purchased two lots about a 5 minute walk from Eden and our dream of living in the tropics began. Our dream became reality when we began building in 2003. The construction was completed in 2004. We brought our first yoga students in 1998. Since then the yoga retreats have grown to 6-8 per year.

Why We Chose Troncones, Guerrero, Mexico:

We love the feeling of community that exists in Majahua and Troncones and particularly, Manzanillo Bay. We like being involved in the community activities.

The Unique Benefits at this House:

The people who live here are very friendly and support us being here. The peacefulness and tranquility are awesome. You can walk in the mountains, on the beach and enjoy just being. A great place to re-cooperate from the daily stress of our work-day life. There is also yoga, tennis, golf, swimming and surfing for those of us who like some competitive challenges.

~ Charles & Zoreh